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The authors of The Online Dating Diaries blog on Wordpress are now blogging for Mail Online. Online chemistry doesn't translate to real life anyway, right? Since cynically starting online dating three months ago, I have transformed my view of the 'web of love' from a sad endeavour for the romantically-challenged to a rollercoaster with chemical highs and mind-numbing lows. Read more from our insatiable new bloggers Daphne and Kylie on The Online Dating Diaries here and via the button on the FEMAIL homepage.

This week, Daphne divulges her top ten insights into online dating... While I like to think of myself as an adventurous, modern girl, there were always too many uncertainties that stopped me from doing it.

The disposition of those cases was not immediately clear.

The FBI said during the press conference that they were executing a federal search warrant at a home linked to the gunman.

“I have been to too many of these events,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) said at the press conference.“Words alone are inadequate. “We must broaden our efforts to address (Odessa) and we must do so quickly.This means the transmitted power also increases by up to 26 per cent, since the power = voltage multiplied by a large class of allotropes of carbon and are made of balls, ‘cages’ or tubes of carbon atoms.Its molecules have 60 carbon atoms arranged in a hollow fullerenes that can be used to reinforce graphite in tennis rackets because they are very strong.Reporters then asked Abbott if there are plans to ban assault rifles, like the one used by Ator in Odessa.In response, Abbott said it’s the “kind of thing legislators are already talking about,” and added that assault rifles weren’t used in all of the state’s mass shootings. There's no issue that we will not look at,” he said.

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