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Alongside the designer instruments for sale, the store promises to exhibit "priceless guitars played by the likes of Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Noel Gallagher, The Edge, the Velvet Underground, John Lee Hooker, Ted Nugent, Marc Bolan, Neil Young, Eddie Cochran, and blues legend Rory Gallagher". She said one of the guitars up for sale had been customised by J-Lo. The show's curator, Ian Spero, admits he "was conscious at an early stage that we didn't have guitars from women. As far as I'm aware, Jennifer Lopez would only be familiar with the sort of G-string she'd use to accessorise her famous derriere.Darbar delivers premium quality live events, music education, broadcasts and digital engagement through artistic innovation and creative technology.We are also committed to providing a platform for new talent from the UK and India.Spero talks of his show in terms of the guitars that changed the sound of rock, or at least in terms of players with an identifiable style. "It's a sign of leadership – the electric guitar is traditionally the lead instrument in the band.And I'll grant him many of the men on the list riff like nobody else. It's about image and charisma and women have done very well with the electric guitar in their own way.

She's shy in person but acquires a mighty confidence with a guitar slung over her shoulder.

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The essential all-singing, all-dancing guide to everything you wanted to know about Indian classical music.

I think marketing departments worry that the guitar gets in the way of the audience viewing the woman purely as a sexual image – although guitar magazines still sell their products by draping female models all over them."On the upside, we have seen a rise in the number of women such as K T Tunstall and Sandi Thom playing electro-acoustics more boisterously.

"But, even plugged in and played loudly, the acoustic's not threatening in the same way is it? "There's something about the sheer volume of the electric guitar, and its history as a phallic symbol: cock rock.

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