Intimidating men names

Jasper: Variant of Casper meaning Keeper of the treasure 39. Lincoln: meaning someone from the lakeside colony 45. When it comes to choosing male names, you can never go wrong with Italian boy names.

As a fairly new parent myself, I remember the many, many hours that my wife and I put into choosing our daughter's name.They were then asked their assumptions about what strangers with the various names would be like.The others were the degree to which particular names suggested to strangers that someone would be: a) ethical and caring, b) popular and fun; or c) masculine or feminine. Dido: Myth name meaning the Queen of Carthage who killed herself 65. Hurricane: meaning a storm, but it’s also a baby name, thanks to rising tennis star Hurricane Black. Jezebel: meaning impure and wicked You Might Also Like: Cool Superhero Names For Girls 76.

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Evan: meaning young fighter See: Top 100 Most Ghetto Names 26. When you think of Flash remember Flash Gordon who has made the name a superhero name.

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