Is james lafferty still dating eve hewson

In what she calls her 'first big project’, Eve plays Lucy Elkins, a wide-eyed young nurse from West Virginia. And while it may well have made her the envy of women the world over, her first, somewhat sordid, sex scene with Owen was terrifying too. 'And then we did it, and I realised it’s not a big deal at all.

She falls for Thackery, and steals and administers drugs for him – directly into Owen’s penis in one early and memorable scene. 'I remember thinking, no one is treating this like it’s a big deal. It looks real, but that’s nothing like what is actually going on.’ We meet for lunch on a Friday afternoon in Manhattan’s West Village.

While for most of the year Eve attended the local college, when U2 went on tour, the family would travel with the band for months at a stretch, meaning Eve and her three siblings – sister Jordan, now 26, and brothers Elijah, 16, and John, 14 – were privately tutored on the road.

'On one tour, when I was 15, my sister and I were just obsessed with Kings of Leon, who were the support band, and would skulk around their dressing room, like, “Heyyyy,”’ she laughs, miming a coy, flirtatious wave. We made a short film [Lost and Found], which we were just supposed to work on with her, but she put us in it.’ Two years later, when Dunton was no longer tutoring the sisters but making films full time, she offered Eve another, larger, role, in The 27 Club, a film she wrote and directed.

While her parents and two younger brothers spent that year in the penthouse apartment they bought from Steve Jobs, on the 27th floor of the San Remo building overlooking Central Park, Eve lived like any other student, in a shared dorm room downtown.

If the relationship was more of a friendly relationship rather than a romantic one, dating other people while being friends is an option.

It mostly depends on if both partners from the previous relationship have moved on from the relationship and hold no romantic or hurt feelings.

hen Eve Hewson left her native Dublin, aged 18, to study acting at the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts in New York, her parents decided to relocate too.

'I didn’t invite them; they just came,’ she laughs, rolling her pale blue eyes.

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