Is lamictal activating or sedating

Thus, when searching for drug information, many times the problem facing a pharmacist is not a lack of resources, but rather too many resources from which to choose.One important information source that pharmacists as well as other practitioners have access to, but sometimes overlook, is the drug’s label, also known as the prescribing information or the package insert (PI).Moreover, practitioners are expressly cautioned that “these highlights do not include all the information needed to use [the drug] safely and effectively [and that they must see the] full prescribing information.”The date of the most recent revision to the label is also found at the end of the HPI. The other major section, the FPI, contains detailed information about the drug, arranged in a specific format (TABLE 1). The modifications to the PI format were made through FDA research and after consultation with healthcare professionals.Not all medications are subject to the new labeling requirements; drugs approved by the FDA more than 5 years prior to June 2006 are exempt from the new labeling requirements, although manufacturers may voluntarily elect to reformat the PI of these drugs.

As with other drug information resources, the key for effective and efficient use of the resources is user familiarity with it. The role of FDA-approved labeling in medical malpractice litigation. Instead, when it comes to prescription drugs, the manufacturer’s duty is to provide prescribing physicians with information about the proper use and risks of the product so that the prescriber is then better equipped to educate the consumer/patient about the drug’s use and risks; this is referred to as the learned intermediary doctrine.The rationale behind this doctrine is that the complexity of the information involving prescription drugs necessitates an intermediary who can explain or interpret the benefits and risks associated with the use of the drug to the ultimate user—the patient.(PDR Network publishes electronic formats of the material as well.) The latest edition of the printed book is priced at close to 0. Furthermore, as is the case with any print reference, the PI found in the printed version of the PDR may not be the latest revision. It is important to note that not every drug marketed in the U. The PI for newer (recently approved) drugs, which are sold under their trade names, can generally be accessed on the manufacturer’s website. The learned intermediary doctrine in Florida: courts wrestle with claimed exceptions to the doctrine in drug and device litigation.

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Nathan, MS, Pharm DAssociate Professor of Pharmacy Practice International Drug Information Center (IDIC)LIU Pharmacy Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Brooklyn, New York Etty Vider, Pharm D Candidate LIU Pharmacy Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Brooklyn, New York US Pharm. A vast amount of practice-related information is available to today’s healthcare practitioner.

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