Is post dating a check legal

02 when it is really 17 Dec 02 so therefore you are posting the date after the said date.

I pre-date checks all the time and the bank won't cash them until the said date, but that is in TX.

"Kiting" is illegal because it's like counterfeiting....creating and spending money you don't really have. *g* I'm not an attorney, but worked for many years in a financial institution. Under such a circumstance it is not a criminal matter, the check becomes a promissory note.

You can be put in jail for writing a bad check over a certain amount by state law, but failure to pay a debt, ie promissory note, is merely a civil matter.

High Soci, I've never heard of "pre-dating" a check either.

Yes, "post" means after, the sense being you're writing down a date that comes after the day on which you write the check.

Don't know if it is legal or not, but then again...

who really stops at a stop sign when no other car is coming or slows down at a yellow light? If you mail a check to a large company, like a credit card company, they probably process your check by computer as well. by agreement cheques can be post dated as in and installment contract where all documents are signed and verified together with the terms.I've heard and read the term "post-dating" for many years and it's always been clear that it refers to, for example, dating it the 15th when today's actually the 10th.Originally posted by High Soci Doesn't pre- mean before and post- mean after? If your friend is correct, then it would also be illegal to pre-date a check which keeps someone from being able to cash it until that date.Post-dating a check is when you write the check on the 17th but date it for the 25th, so it can't be cashed for a week after it is written.

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