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Murray claims Nadal is actually a pretty bad at Play Station and that the Spaniard's co-op partner Juan Monaco carries their team.To go with his video game obsession, Nadal's snacking habits used to be a far cry from the healthy diet of a professional athlete.As a good-looking, famous man playing a popular sport, Rafael Nadal has become a fairly sought-after model for the kinds of high-profile gigs that don't require much in the way of wardrobe.

Here are things you might not have know about tennis great Rafael Nadal.

In 2003, an elbow injury sidelined the 17-year-old Nadal and prevented him from competing in the French Open.

A scaphoid stress fracture followed in 2004 and kept him out of Wimbledon, the French Open again, and the Athens Olympics.

Of course, the fact that Federer and Nadal have battled each other numerous times doesn't mean they're enemies in their private life.

As Federer has repeatedly said, the two have had their differences but have always gotten along very well and respected each other despite (and because of) their rivalry.

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When Serena Williams jokingly interviewed him at a 2010 charity event, she complimented his body and asked to see his abs.

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