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Twitter isn’t happy with Zachary Levi and his “white privilege.” The criticism all started after the actor was accused of believing in the sexist practice of the friend zone.A fan of the “Shazam” actor took to Twitter to post about his thoughts on Levi’s recent livestream, “I’ve been thinking a lot about something Zach said in one of his Instagram lives lately,” user Stories With Web wrote.You = privileged white male, trying to define sexism & racism is beyond laughable.You have no clue what those two words mean especially when you try to equate them to the oppressors being challenged about their oppressive ways. — Bruce Wayne (@bruce_wayne00) May 1, 2018 If by lead, you mean introduce someone with expertise and then sit down, you'd be right.🤷‍♂️ LYOTY44 — Zachary Levi (@Zachary Levi) May 1, 2018 With all due respect to him, men really shouldn’t be leading debates about what is and isn’t sexist anymore than white people should be leading convos about what is and isn’t racist.

I would have told you at the stage door for “She Loves Me” where I was so excited to meet you a few years ago. — Shades of Limelight (@Certainshades L) April 30, 2018 And I would’ve politely told you that you’re entitled to your opinion, as it’s just that.Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: August 23rd, August 16th, and August 9th.proved there was more than enough room for levity in the grim and gritty DC Extended Universe.You may feel very strongly about it, but feelings do not equal fact, no matter how intense.Also, calling someone else’s thoughts “bullshit” isn’t a very productive way of changing a mind.🙏 Dhj Hw Ws S — Zachary Levi (@Zachary Levi) April 30, 2018 Asking you to reflect on sexism is not a matter of “opinion.” And quote tweeting me so your followers can pile on me is a form of cyber bullying. — Shades of Limelight (@Certainshades L) April 30, 2018 Qc W5xb. All anyone asked you to do was try and reflect on why this is a sexist concept.

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Labor Day weekend must be absolutely horrific for box office performance, because every major studio is avoiding it like the plague.

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