Iwab0524e error updating axis deploy wsdd

Be aware that there is a lot more needed to be learned in order to use Axis and SOAP effectively than the listing above.

The other big area is "how to write internet scale distributed applications".

Axis handles the magic of converting Java objects to SOAP data when it sends it over the wire or receives results.

A lot of problems with Axis are encountered by people who are new to Java, server-side Java and SOAP.

While you can learn about SOAP as you go along, writing Axis clients and servers is not the right time to be learning foundational Java concepts, such as what an array is, or basic application server concepts such as how servlets work, and the basics of the HTTP protocol.

Nobody knows how to do that properly yet, so that you have to learn this by doing.

Apache Axis is an Open Source SOAP server and client.

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