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According to , enjoying a cozy dinner that “ended with a romantic kiss.” An alleged “onlooker” tells the magazine, “He had his arm around her almost the entire time,” before claiming the two went back to Gyllenhaal’s Tribeca apartment. In other words, this “onlooker” stalked the pair and followed them home? Meanwhile, other supposed sources suspect she hooked up with the actor to get revenge on estranged husband Justin Theroux, who’s been wrongly linked to various female celebrities following their split. Considering the high-profile actress was already photographed at the restaurant, had she actually returned with the famous actor, the two very likely would have been spotted by paparazzi. Regardless of the magazine’s story being illogical, Gossip Cop has also learned it’s impossible. A so-called “pal” of Aniston’s is then quoted as telling the tabloid, “There’s always been chemistry between them, but it’s never been the right time.

Gossip Cop recently called out a magazine for making up a story about the actresses fighting over equal pay for their upcoming Apple TV series.

It's not super surprising that Gyllenhaal cops to crushing on Aniston (hello, most of the universe has since her Friends days), but it definitely made me wonder how things might be different if the two A-list actors had hooked up back in the early aughts. In fact, Aniston would likely have been painted as the villain if her marriage ended due to a romance with Gyllenhaal. Also, Gyllenhaal may never have been in a relationship with Dunst, whom he began dating right after The Good Girl's release in 2002 until they broke up in July of 2004.

Gyllenhaal got a bit flustered when asked about working with Aniston on The Good Girl, and it's ridiculously cute. Furthermore, Aniston definitely would have had a rep as a cougar if she'd dated Gyllenhaal.

It seems Witherspoon has been roped into the fictional storyline involving Aniston and Gyllenhaal simply because she’s close friends with actress and used to date the actor. “Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal Went On Secret Date? “Velvet Buzzsaw.” Wikipedia Spokesperson for Jake Gyllenhaal. “Jennifer Aniston ‘Moving On’ With Jake Gyllenhaal?

Did Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal go on a “secret date” in New York City last week? A rep for the actor, however, tells Gossip Cop it’s completely untrue.

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