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Simple.” On September 15, a court will rule on Jenny Sanford’s requests to seal the case – and to appoint a guardian for her youngest son. As much as South Carolinians might wish otherwise, the “Sanford Circus” remains in town.

Visitation will not be addressed, at least not initially.

She probably saw this coming — her memoir, Staying True, is about what a weirdo her ex-husband is — and it's now time to dispose of the sad little Sanford was famously caught having an affair with an Argentinian when he disappeared in 2009 and his staff told the press he was "hiking the Appalachian Trail." Instead of holding a perfunctory press conference with a brief admission of the affair, he rambled about the nature of "forbidden love." Jenny moved their four sons out of the governor's mansion and filed for divorce.

Almost four years later, both Sanfords were floated as potential candidates in the South Carolina special election to fill the congressional seat vacated when Tim Scott was appointed to fill Jim De Mint's Denate seat.

The former first lady – a brilliant investment banker and scion of a wealthy Chicagoland family – seems to be painting a disturbing picture of the man whose political destiny she guided for more than a decade-and-a-half.Well, that Christmas he drew me a picture of the other half of the bike, and months later, he delivered the gift to me, a used purple bike he had purchased for !My reaction at first was disbelief; he had given me nicer gifts while engaged.(She even let him visit his mistress with a chaperone!) Mark asked Jenny for advice on what to say in that press conference — and she gave him sincere advice, instead of telling him to go stab himself in the eye.

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According to court papers filed by her attorney, Marie-Louise Ramsdale, Mark Sanford needs to undergo psychological and psychiatric examinations and take anger management courses.

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