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These singles often feel isolated and despair of meeting someone who understands what they’re going through.That’s something Jim Leftwich set out to change when he launched No Longer Lonely.com, a niche dating site for men and women with mental illnesses.He has been in a psychiatric hospital, lived in halfway housing, and worked his way back to good mental health so that now he is a self-supporting, semi-retired director of a college library.He may have stumbled at first, but he didn’t let his diagnosis stop him from achieving his goals.The MSS, visual poetry, and artwork by Leftwich and many others, are mainly from 2001-2003, with some earlier material.The Short Version: Singles who’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness may feel anxious about joining a general dating site and fear that they could be judged, harassed, or rejected because of their condition.When you’re creating your profile, you can choose to disclose your height, weight, and a personal bio, and you can also fill in optional fields for your transportation, working status, and living situation.

No Longer Lonely also has a live chat room where members can mix and mingle anonymously.

The sign-up process starts on a helpful note by offering profile creation tips, including how to craft an attention-grabbing headline and why it’s important to be honest about what you’re looking for.

From there, it’s a pretty standard put-in-your-email and choose-a-username process.

“Your chat room is the coolest,” said Michael, who lives in a small town in Montana.

“The friends I’ve met on No Longer make the bad days a whole lot better.” “I try to create a sense of community,” Jim said.

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No Longer Lonely wants singles to feel safe talking about their personal situations and health. You don’t have to add a picture to your profile to browse the site and send messages.

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