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Lying on the cement floor was the lifeless Jon Benet, dressed in a white knit shirt and long underwear. A garrote made of white cord and a broken artist’s paintbrush handle was around her throat, and there was cord around her right wrist.

“Patsy collapsed right on top of Jon Benet,” said the source, “and then she got on her knees and screamed, ‘Jesus, you raised Lazarus from the dead. ’ ” Arndt asked Father Rol to gather everyone into a circle around the child and lead them in a prayer.

Arndt in particular, who was described by fellow officers as having “bonded” with Patsy Ramsey, made several critical and possibly irreparable errors in judgment.

The ransom note warned the couple not to contact the police but to await a phone call between 8 and 10 that morning.

But it was the image of Patsy weeping and watching him that haunted French, especially after he learned that she had been sitting directly over the spotless than 15 feet below—where her child’s body lay.

The Ramseys, with Jon Benet and their son, Burke, had had Christmas dinner at the home of their best friends, Priscilla and Fleet White Jr., a mile or so away.

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