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Detective Jay Halstead previously appeared on Chicago Fire as an undercover cop assigned to shadow and take down a local mobster-cum-thug who was harassing Gabriela Dawson, one of the owners of Molly's bar. Halstead is the older who had initially disapproved of his sons not following the expected practice to immediately find work locally after high school; instead, both his sons left Chicago to find their own career paths, Will for medical school and Jay for the military.

The episode, "Accidental Hero / Untied" aired on November 25, 2006 at PM.

Although it was compared to The Incredibles and Alias, The X's work for SUPERIOR. The majority of the remaining 7 episodes premiered Friday nights at PM.He requests a transfer to the Intelligence Unit after the assignment ended with him getting shot but successfully arresting the mobster. Will had moved to New York City for medical school and was overseas doing humanitarian work in Sudan but hit a rough patch when his relationship with a girl did not work out. Aside from the undercover assignment that served as a premise for his transfer to Intelligence, little is known about his early CPD career, except that he was already friends with Antonio Dawson prior to the transfer and that he had joined after serving in the military. IMDb may not be a reliable source for film and television information and is generally only cited as an external link. The X's is an American animated television series created by Carlos Ramos for Nickelodeon. (Society of Nefarious and Felonious Undertakings) is continually trying to cause trouble for the X's through their plans to take over the world. When the X's punish Truman for hotdogging a mission and blowing up the X jet by selling all his spy gadgets, Glowface convinces the boy to join S. The show's regular schedule started with the episode, "Mr. The majority of the first 13 episodes premiered Friday nights at PM.It centers on a family of spies who must conceal their identity from the outside world, but often have trouble in doing so. After missing every Birthday celebration, because of the missions, Truman gets a puppy for his birthday and names it Rex, but it turns out it was from Sasquatch, a S. The first half-hour special, "Truman X: Super Villain," aired on June 16, 2006 at PM.

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