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I have heard that those that are more serious about a long term commitment tend to pay for a dating site. sometimes I miss the relationship turbulence that I had when I was younger. I guess : PAnyway, my brother met his wife on one of the pay sites. I moved here 2 years ago and I find it's tough making friends in the city as'well.

I could try POF but I've heard the free ones are kind of all the same: hookups galore. They have a daughter who's just learning to crawl now. I have tried pay sites as well like Match but I haven't had much luck in my previous attempts.

So I was wondering if anyone has ever used a paid dating site and had success? I explained my peculiarities in my profile and found someone whose life had a hole just the perfect size and shape. Makes my life a little difficult but I make good money. I can't date customers cuz I've done it twice and look where I am. I did Plenty Of Fish, OK Cupid,, Christian Mingle, Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, Zoosk, e Harmony, Lava Life, and probably others I am forgetting.

I am restored with hope from some of your comments. You need to find interests that attract like-minded men in the real world.

Only one fake tried to contact me first on Zoosk and it was actually a fairly high calibre one with matching profiles on multiple sites, fluent and colloquial English in their messages, but they eventually sent me a link to contact them outside of Zoosk and would not suggest a first date location.

Other than that one, I had multiple dates from all three, and many decent conversations mentioning things about local places that you can't get from Google Maps streetview.

The fakery was so rampant that the only conclusion I could come to was that either those sites were making the fake profiles themselves and running them with 'bots, or at the least they were passively colluding with the people running the fakes by not trying to clean them up.

I'm told that I'm warm and caring, very grounded, and have a great sense of style.

Or if that message had a link in it I was supposed to go contact them on.

Or oddly avoiding mentioning their favourite local restaurant when asked about where we should meet for a first date.

We've been happy as clams for a year and a half. This wasn't scientific, just whatever profiles of women making first contact or auto-selected for matching made me skeptical.

She used it for a really long time and made a lot of friends and continues to, still. Like women claiming to have English as their first language and a graduate degree, but the prose of their bio and their messages to me had they types of errors that just scream ESL.

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