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But their deep and luxurious pile does have a tendency to trap anything small that comes into contact with it – from dust to pet hair and more. Fortunately, there are vacuum cleaners on the market that are specifically designed to tackle tough jobs like this one, so you can enjoy your shag without the added hassle of trying to brush it clean, or use a vacuum that just gets stuck on it.

It was hours and hours spent, but we’ve managed to find vacuums suitable for your medium and deep shag carpets.

A light weight, good capacity, and long cord mean that it has been designed for people that want to be able to clean the whole house in one go without having to mess around.

The brush shutoff helps with this, as it means you can more easily vacuum shag carpets without worrying about the roller getting caught, but if you want to thoroughly brush a normal carpet, you can.

In addition, the brush roll is self-cleaning, which means that it can remove tangles that result from hair at just the push of a button.The Shark will certainly do a good job of cleaning it, but it’s not a specialized unit.The Soniclean Soft Carpet is a vacuum cleaner that just doesn’t look quite like any other, but it’s certainly not a case of style over substance.We think this is arguably the best all-around vacuum designed for those with deep pile carpets.It’s been expertly designed in Germany, with its five-stage high adjustable brush to deal with whatever depth of shag you’ve got, and a few neat additions like the powered brush and comfortable handle just make it feel like money well spent.

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