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Click Here to Find Law Student Jobs on Law Crossing For some, dating a fellow law student is out of the question. Do you want to date someone who has seen you in your law library stretchy pants stressing about that civil procedure assignment?

Or is the law school process the ultimate couple bonding experience?

Sadly, they often overlapped with the pale and hairy group who had large stomachs and/or man-boobs.

There was also a contingency of unacceptably bearded, white-leather-tennis-shoe-wearing squares, and a small number of non-ugly, charming, but deal-breaking-ly short guys.

However, under the high school comparison, law school has something most high schools lack.

Some of the best people you will ever meet are hiding in your law school wings (some may argue so are some of the worst).

Law school is a host for really smart people that study the law.

Regardless of whether a person is in law school to make their parents proud, make a difference, or to graduate and make millions of dollars, everything and everyone seems more intense. Harrison Barnes is the founder of Law Crossing and an internationally recognized expert in attorney search and placement.

However, some law school experiences are optional, right?

So, I felt it necessary to represent female law students everywhere with this list of the types of men we girls are forced to turn to for arousal in dire straits.

(And note that I said “arousal,” not “satisfaction.”) This may seem a little personal, but I think there are multitudes of females toting leather- and gold-bound textbooks who will relate.

For me, he inevitably graduated from Illinois, Iowa, or Iowa State, and his profession was, without fail, either a pharmaceutical sales rep or a trader.

His type is most ubiquitous at classmates’ birthday parties and other open-bar functions.

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This type respectfully disappears almost immediately following whatever after-hours, amorous encounter you’re able to muster on your couch before waking up early on Saturday morning to start your Property outline. He’s the young partner at a mega-firm whose early, intense career focus left him single and therefore primed to use his adjunct professor status as a form of speed dating.

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