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Add to that the Pro Okhotu I Rybalku [] cookbook that I found in a bookstore later that day, and I could officially declare that hunting was (still is? Even if these days the most wanted species is probably the Russian Separatist. Number 24 is decorated with an impressive Soviet mosaic, featuring rather complicated themes.In my pictures, I can see planes, stars, flames, a film strip, a pendulum, a compass, a TV set, and somewhere something that must represent the cosmos. A few feet further, it’s the Kiev zoo, with peacocks and penguins.No, I did not go to Mafia, a chain of Italian-Japanese restaurants-cum-karaoke bars.I decided on the real mafia restaurant instead, the one where your chauffeur parks your Porsche Cayenne in the middle of one of central Kiev’s main boulevards while you eat: restaurant Kazbek.Its extensive repertoire comprises plays by such playwrights as F. Bulgakov and plays of outstanding modern playwrights.The troupe of the theatre strives to ruin the stereotype ideas and to show the audience that the problems discussed in traditional Ukrainian dramas are very up-to-date.

I also remember visiting a hunting and fishing store nearby.

He has not only created this popular theatre but also educated many modern directors, who are proud to call themselves the students of Eduard Mitnizky.

Many critics assert that there is even a new theatrical phenomenon, the so called Mitnitsky School of Theatrical Direction.

It was one of the first theatres in Kiev, which established a small stage called The Theatre in the Foyer, where for the first time in the soviet theatre the play in Ukrainian (Lies by Vinnichenko) was staged.

The theatre produces important new and classical plays of Russian and Ukrainian dramatic art.

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