Lightworker dating

As a student of I know that when my soul's expansion is having a growth spurt then shit hits the fan.

Things get C-R-A-Z-Y (like they did today) and I'm learning not to judge my episodes of going momentarily nutso.

Not into clubbing that much anymore although im passionate about music and used to be a club dj.

Would love to meet a down to earth, light hearted man with a balanced, clear perspective on life with a sense of humour, who doesnt take life too seriously.

I have a spiritual outlook on life and try to live consciously.

I love animals, im very creative and interested in learning new skills and improving oneself.

Lightworkers know that different beings dwell at different energetic frequencies.

Life becomes a harsh training ground for a Lightworker so that they can be of the highest service to mankind.The key to connecting with them is to call them in and state that you're ready to be a channel for their messages.Remember: Lightworkers are usually excellent at channeling and tuning into the flow of their collective higher consciousness.Their intuition always guides them to help out when needed.I believe that everyone has a guide or a set of guides they can call upon throughout life to offer wisdom and guidance.

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