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Celeste Serrano, su personaje, es una abogada de dudosa ética con adicción al juego.En sus primeras declaraciones tras abandonar 'House', Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy en la ficción médica de Fox) ha lamentado su "decepcionante" salida , ha adelantado nuevos detalles sobre su personaje en la tercera temporada de 'The Good Wife', donde participará en al menos tres episodios, y hasta le ha enviado un recadito a David Shore si quiere que participe en el episodio final de la serie de Hugh Laurie.TVLINE | Given how the season ended, I’m guessing you didn’t walk away with a sense of closure storyline-wise.

a rumor started that they were dating after some pictures showed up on the Internet of the two of them kissing on a beach. This information might not be related but what I knew was, Hugh Laurie was earning 5,000 to 0,000 per episode since season 3.also Hugh Laurie would like to do more work with his musical career and as far as I know his contract is up after season eight. (under California law an actor's contract can only be for six years after which Hugh Laurie signed on for only 2 more) The cast members on "House" would include the ones who play the Senior Doctors who would include Hugh Laurie who played Gregory House, Lisa Edelstein who is Lisa Cuddy, Robert Leonard who is James Wilson, Omar Epps who is Eric Foreman, Jennifer Morrison who is Allison Cameron and Jesse Spencer who is Robert Chase and other cast members would include members including Kal Penn who is Lawrence Kutner, Peter Jacobson who is Chris Taub, Olivia… If you do find any of the pictures however you may notice that they are in costume and there is filming equipment around them. no they are not dating/ in a relationship (of course they are friends but I don't think that's what you were asking) plus Hugh Laurie is… And in season 5, he was earning 0,000 per episode. That made him one of the most highly paid personalities in the world.Well, since Lisa Edelstein is not going to be on house for an 8th season, there will probably only be 8 seasons. Geez, that's 16 million in Philippine peso PER EPISODE!

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But ultimately I felt like it was the best thing for me to do for myself and for my business. TVLINE | The show picks up this fall with House in jail. TVLINE | It sounded like that was the direction David Shore was going in when I spoke to him recently. So everything that she does is all about the risk, and it’s really fun — especially [in contrast] to Alicia [Julianna Margulies] who has to be so held together. TVLINE | Is it possible your three-episode arc could be extended? I like [the length of the stint] because I’m here for a solid month and then I’m available to go back to work in Los Angeles. So it’s all very up in the air at the moment, but my creative juices are flowing.

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