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Furthermore, he was bound not only by the 1701 Act of Settlement but also by the 1772 Royal Marriages Act, which gave the Crown power over the marriages of all George II’s descendants until they turned twenty-five.

The distraught Prinny proceeded to combine sex and power into emotional blackmail: after drinking himself “into a series of stupors” (Levy 46), “swearing that he could not live without her, throwing himself upon his bed, and threatening to kill himself” (Hibbert 73), he actually did shed just enough blood to frighten Maria into consenting to marry him.

Darcy’s income of £10,000 a year gives us some basis for comparison. Fitzherbert moved temporarily to Brighton, where he purchased a relatively modest house.

Of course, all thoughts of economy were cast aside early: the house eventually became the Royal Pavilion.

Marie Sprayberry (email: [email protected]) is Regional Coordinator for JASNA Syracuse and a three-time winner of the JASNA AGM quiz.

He disregarded several inconvenient facts: she was a devout Catholic, and she refused to become his mistress.This acknowledgment is as fair as I intend to be about Prinny’s accomplishments, however; I consider myself as “partial, prejudiced, and ignorant [a] Historian” (Juvenilia 176) as the young Jane Austen claimed to be in “The History of England”!In this essay I will not address the circumstances surrounding the dedication of Emma to Prinny, since the episode is well covered by all biographers of Austen, as well as by some recent contributors to JASNA’s journals. No detail of their life was too small to interest him.As a boy, George III was shy, serious, and inflexible. (Covering his minor affairs would be impossible here; even a book titled The Mistresses of King George IV [Levy] discusses only the five principal women.) Prinny wrote Mrs.Moreover, his own father—George II’s despised oldest son, Frederick, who died when young George was only twelve—urged him in a testamentary letter to “regard family, dynastic, and national interests as inextricably bound together” (Tillyard 19). Robinson compromising letters, and the eventual price for their return was £5,000 plus an annuity of £500. Robinson later became a woman of letters of a more respectable sort; her portrait hangs today in Chawton House Library.) When Prinny came of age in 1783, George III granted him Carlton House in London as an independent residence.

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