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As mysterious as love may be, the agony of its loss is an even more baffling experience, driving many men to depths of despair they never knew existed.Now, however, researchers have begun to see through our haze of pain, and understand that there's actually a method to our sadness..." I don't remember all the banality that followed, clichés stutter-stepping through the lips of a person I'd known so intimately the day before. Like when I'd been in a car wreck as a boy, I understood only that something awful had just blindsided me." As I learned from Mum, the whole idea that each person has been designated the one perfect soulmate is entirely unhelpful in the quest to form meaningful and nourishing human relationships.Understanding this as a fundamental truth really helped me approach my dating life without viewing each match as the be-all-and-end-all.She's always quick to point out how normal it is to have rocky patches, drawing my attention to my own patterns of behaviour, many of which stem back to early childhood (namely: ).As a result of her encouragement, I've sought personal help in the form of psychologists and meditation before pulling the sheet out from under my relationships.

A big part of this, she explained, was splitting the bill 50/50 - something that can feel counter-intuitive when you struggle with your sense of worth and are trying to woo some dreamboat.However, despite how our relationship might appear on social media, it hasn't been without its fair share of self-sabotage and doubt.It's so tempting, as I've found on multiple occasions, to throw in the towel when things get a little tricky.While things were really sad for what felt like a long time, having the opportunity to rebuild as individuals ultimately brought out the best in both of my parents and, for a while, they were doing so well on their own. They were both strong in their own ways, on their own two feet.One more lesson I received from my mum is to jump back on that horse - both my parents have since found love with beautiful (and far more compatible) people.

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She has been known to embrace 'circular dating' (dating multiple people at once to determine which are worth pursuing) and took to Plenty of Fish with gusto (I should know, I took her profile picture).

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