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Then you’ll know whether you’re headed for the altar -- or need to update your dating resume. Find out whether Johnny Depp would be your perfect match (as you’ve always suspected! But I saw my other best friend watching us from down the hallway (he has been crushing on my other best friend for over a year now) and he looked kinda sad but also kinda jealous, like he wanted her head on his shoulder.Or maybe you’re not currently in a relationship, and are just here to test your knowledge. ) or which Harry Potter character would be the best bae. I was at a rehearsal for my school's Art Showcase today, and I was sitting backstage on a chair waiting to go onstage to practise, and one of my best friends was on the chair next to me (we're both girls) and she just put her head on my shoulder cuz I'm slightly taller even tho she always insists she's taller but anyway she just kept her head on my shoulder and I just kinda put my head on her head and I loved it. Idk what to do cuz I'm secretly bisexual but haven't come out yet, male friend is straight and he's kinda homophobic, female friend is not into guys but idk if she likes girls.She was there and I kept trying to catch her eye, maybe see if she recognized me. I would see the pink streak in her hair, I could recognize the back of her head (I’m not a stalker, just observant). We;ve Face Timed a few times, but I really miss her.It’s probably pointless, I doubt she likes me back.If you need any advice or support just know I'll help as well as I can.I have to say tho I won't be quite as active as before because I'm going to be quite busy with school and after school activities.She doesn't know or care that I'm depressed, but she insists that she's still my friend.I no longer love her and I have completely ended our friendship, and I will also play her the song ' I Don't Love You' by MCR.

I really hope that things will start getting better, but keep fighting. We instantly became friends, and we stayed friends all through elementary school. Now in high school, I still loved her, even though she is really rude to my other friends, she is the reason I think suicidal thoughts, she is really mean to me now, and she is the cause of my depression.

Pew Internet & American Life Project, Online Dating and Relationships, 2013.

Everyone deserves to be in a safe and healthy relationship. Answer yes or no to the following questions to find out.

If your against any type of abuse then please repost this message onto another quiz!

Hopefully we can make everyone who do these quizzes aware that abuse and violence is never good!

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Ive decided to join cadets this year since I'm finally old enough.

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  1. Match is geared toward folks looking for long-term relationships, so you'll want to carefully craft your profile to reflect your desire for a long-term love, if you chose to go on the site.