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Mehmet Öztekin not only he is a trained repairmen but trains gramophone collectors as well, as a result, more people have started listening to gramophones again instead of getting rid of them as they did in the past and nowdays people are searching for gramophones and gramophone records on the Internet and in junk dealers’ shops.He sells gramophones with varying prices from 800 to 1,000 Turkish liras and one-year guarantee.It was built with carved sandstones of yellow color.The walls from inside are lined with bricks joined and plastered with lime mortar. The mosque consists of a rectangular shaped space with dimensions 14.14 x 14.14m, cupola with diameter m built on four pandativa, minaret with a height of 38.20 and representative porch.This is indicated by the painting of Rugged Cross on the entry gate.Based on the monument, structure, construction way and decorative elements it ranks among the most important buildings of Islamic architecture in Eastern Europe.

Here was buried Pjetër Bogdani, one of the most prominent Albanian writers.I think the whole "he has a new one every year" aspect of it to be slightly creepy, like he's this older man who's a known creeper on co-eds.I would have liked it better if they hadn't thrown that in.For a moment I was shocked, but I got over it faster than I thought.I think it was mostly that I wasn't too surprised.

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