Mike the situation who is he dating

star looks extremely happy to see his wife and friends, which isn't too surprising given what he's been through.

Still, even Vinny had to call attention to Mike's excitement in the photo via Instagram, saying he looks happier than he does.

Mike Sorrentino may be thrilled because he's officially on the back half of his sentence, at least in terms of jail time.

After that, he'll be required to do two years of supervised release, which could inhibit some of what he's able to do on will feature Mike in prison.

Mike, however, said he felt Maximo doesn't know who he is, telling him, "You need to know as a man who you are and you don't." (They use his decision to change his name from Frank Jr.

to Maximo as an example of him not knowing himself.)Speaking to that point, Mike told E!

He gained his nickname “The Situation” when a girl complimented his abs while walking with her boyfriend on a beach in New Jersey.

The girl's boyfriend was angered by her complimenting another guy, and Sorrentino's friend joked that his abs were causing a "situation", or a problem between the couple.

Everyone seemed pretty pumped for it, except for Vinny because of his awkwardness with Jionni.

fans would like to see, if only to show the full story behind Mike's transformation.

A man who was once the franchise's greatest villain of sorts has made a genuine turnaround thanks to his sobriety, and has reportedly even been helping other addicts through their issues on the inside.

News he has no problem with his brother's sexuality.

"The first time that he had come out of the closet, I bought him, like, a plaque, Mike said.

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also known as The Situation, is an American television personality.

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