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” “You had me at ‘hello’.” “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” I want to die of embarrassment. I want to gorge on ten gallons of then barf, not like a Bulimic, but more like a Roman orgiastic pre-teen in a toga.

I want to take a frying pan corroded with crusty meat fat and bang myself over the head.

I want to shave my head, pierce my bellybutton, get a dragon tattoo.

Here’s a question for you MILFs to ponder: If you break up with your soulmate, what happens to your soul? ) souls wander around looking for human portals to inhabit like slugs dispassionately searching for new shells, leaving trails of slime? ) If the answers don’t match what you want, or don’t sit well with you, then…nothing else matters. Because ultimately, you are not looking for your Coffee Mate, honey, you’re looking for your Soul Mate!

After waiting a discrete, delicate 6 months, I paraded him in front of friends and family, proud of myself for not rushing it. I want to pull out nasal hairs one-by-one with a narrow tweezers.

To be more precise, they began contacting pornstars that had retired years ago.No matter which way you look at it, all of it relates back to the MILF fantasy concept.Irrespective of what age a mature woman is, she is someone who a person out there is fantasizing about sexually.Keep in mind that a MILF is a mom someone wants to have sex with.So if an individual knows of a hot mom in his neighborhood who is only 22 to 35 years old, for him or her, she’s a MILF.

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More so if she is very attractive and has a hot body, large breasts and so on.

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