Moldavian battle flag dating from stephen the great s time

During the Caimacam of three (October 1858-January 1859), as the acting regents did not have the right to inscribe their initials on military flags, the monograms of the Wallachian domnitori were replaced by eagles.

After 1860, a legend arose stating that the national tricolor had been formed by merging the colors of the Moldavian and Wallachian flags, probably out of a desire to reconcile all parties to the choice of the Wallachian revolutionary flag of 1848 for all of Romania.

It differed from earlier tricolors in that the blue stripe was on top, the princely symbol was eliminated from the corners, as was the crown atop the eagle at the end of the flagpole, while a motto was now present.centimeter wide.

On 6 February 1859, on his first journey to Bucharest since being elected domnitor of Wallachia, Alexandru Ioan Cuza was greeted at the edge of the city of Buzău by the commander of the dorobanţi, who was carrying a tricolor flag. although the princely and army flags, both preserved, had a 2:3 proportion. The flag gained a degree of international recognition.Another of Lecca’s paintings shows the assassination of Michael the Brave in 1601.Also depicted is the united standard of the three provinces, with yellow on top (Wallachia), red in the middle (Moldavia) and blue below (Transylvania).His request was granted on 11 July, though the flags were not distributed until 11 September, in a solemn ceremony.On 30 June, Metropolitan Neofit, as prime minister, gave the following disposition: “the standards of liberty will be raised on all buildings, and the insignia will be carried”. 252 of 13/25 July 1848, issued because “it has not [yet] been agreed how the national standards should be designed”, defined the flag as three vertical stripes, possibly influenced by the French model.

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