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My penis was hard and after she came out I had the plates ready and mom was still wearing the same thing.

She sat down and crossed her legs and told me that I should have given her more time to change and cover up and blamed me. My mom blurted out that that was the only thing she had to wear immediately as she had dropped it before having sex with dad last night.

When the guy rang the bell again I got up slowly and walked towards the door.

Mom was naked under the bed and she told me not to open the door until she wore something.

Minute's later mom moaned wildly holding her head tightly into her chest, as I did not know what happened.

Dad stopped pushing adjusted his pajamas and went back to reading.

She then lay down on one side facing me and pushed her negligee open for me to access her breasts. This is a true story; no part of it is false My mom is a hot brunette air hostess/ stewardess I used to travel with my parents and stay with them till I turned 18.Once when I had gone with them on a holiday when I was 18, my mom was 38.Mom blushed and came near us and took the bill and the pen from him.Both of us were a foot away from her near naked body when mom couldn't sign standing, she immediately turned around and placed the bill on the coffee table and bent over to sign it.

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She asked me how the sucking experience was after a long time as I childishly replied to her saying that there was no milk. Mom was still wearing the same negligee and I looked at her nipple and how hard I had sucked them yesterday.

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