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His apartment, so unused to female visitors that stayed long, somehow had been more accepting of her presence than he expected. Of course his little ninja could tell he was there without looking."Just making sure that you're still here." He answered, leaning against the door frame that led into the kitchen. Ziva folded her arms over her chest."You have rules now, Tony? Tony nodded as he wrapped his arms around her waist."And what is Rule 1? She uncrossed her arms and rested her palms on his chest."To never let you get away again." He answered her, pressing her against the counter as he kissed her.

She fit perfectly there; she belonged."What are you doing awake Tony? Ziva turned to face him, her dark eyes heavy with hurt."You thought that I had left? She could not blame him; she had left before, after all. He felt Ziva smiled against his lips."I like Rule 1." She whispered."I like Rule 1 part A better." He whispered back.

The script is outstanding, giving each of the three great lines with a touch of humor, snark, and just a little bit of humanity (like Kahn complaining he is missing Christmas dinner at prison because they get an extra roll).It sets up the base for these little one-shots, but you don't need to read it in order to follow this story.Also: obviously I don't own NCIS, because if I did Ziva would never have left! Tony rolled over to check, already knowing he would find it empty. Tony felt the long fingers of sleep trying to drag him back down, but he sat up stiffly and defiantly. He tossed his legs over the side of the bed and shoved his feet into his slippers. Some have speculated that the original Rules #1 and #3 are actually ' Crime Scene Rules' and not Gibbs' Rules.There are also theories that because the rules are not written down, the numbers may be fluid.

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