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Your business also doesn't need to be based on selling a niche product.Your niche could be offering a specialized SEO service just for psychotherapists.So, what most online entrepreneurs do is forge ahead, deciding to be mavericks.Blazing a trail in a brand new market they're passionate about.You want to start an online business, but you have no idea what the best niche markets are? In fact, choosing a niche is the biggest hurdle faced by most digital entrepreneurs.This is also the point where these same entrepreneurs stumble and fall because they make a critical mistake: They assume.Or helping parents put on the best birthday party for their kids.

So much so, that there's no way for you to break into them.

And this assumption is they think they've found an untapped niche market based on their own perceptions, or their .

This is what's called confirmation bias – you think something exists therefore it does.

Dating is another niche people say is too competitive to even bother with.

If that was that case then and Plenty of Fish would dominate the market, and Tinder wouldn't exist.

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