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And, if she’s young, she might not know who Fred Flintstone is, and then you have a great conversation-starter. It’s fun because the minute you say you lost something, people immediately start thinking about helping you.

When you add that little bit of misdirection at the end, it creates a little gotcha moment.

Guys go up to women all day long and say cheesy, ridiculous things.

Most women are tired of hearing “lines”, and even worse than using a line on a woman is simply saying “Hi, you’re pretty,” etc.

When it does, you’ll get the one raised eyebrow look, to which you respond with a radiant smile. The first part is heard a lot in pick-up lines: “Was your father a baker? ” It’s the setup for the second part of the line, so, many times, she’ll be aware there’s something about to come her way. When you lay down the second half, it’s so direct and unexpected that it’ll be sure to provoke a reaction.You may be used to walking up to a woman and asking her name or telling her she’s pretty.Cocky comedy suggests instead that you act a little bit like a brat when you make your approach. 1- Why Cocky Comedy Works Every woman has heard every line in the book.Cocky Funny The solution to this quagmire is to be “cocky funny.” Women go crazy for a guy with a bad attitude, but your attitude can’t be so bad that you end up outright insulting a woman.Being cocky funny means approaching a woman and saying something a little bit off-putting.

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, introduced a new concept to the world of seduction.

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