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Use a metal kitchen spoon to “test your partner’s reflexes” and grab a thermometer to “check his or her temperature.” I know he’s also a medical professional and not a patient, but it’s a game so just go with it.Why we love it: We all want to be superheroes because they're larger than life.When someone is pissing you off, those feelings of rage are very akin to feelings of passion. The best accessory you can have in this scene is a good “angry boss” voice. Sometimes you have to rough up a certain criminal; you each have your role. The gear: If someone has a police badge or handcuffs from Halloween costumes past, that’s ideal. Instead of being one of the Boys in Blue, go the Stabler and Benson route: slacks and button-ups. Why we love it: People get hard over sterilized hands and medical scrubs. Being a medical professional is hard and sometimes you have to let off some steam with a coworker, probably.After a particularly intense interrogation, you finally give way to your lust… It’s not a coincidence that naughty nurse and doctor costumes are so popular on Halloween. The gear: Put on any form of white clothing you have and pretend it’s scrubs or a lab coat.You don’t need a real tool belt, since no one's staying clothed for very long (unless doing it in a tool belt is a turn-on for you, in which case…) Why we love it: Many of us fantasize about a teacher we wanted to hook up with (I know I have).Role play is about a power exchange and nothing says power like a naughty professor. If it has not loaded in a minute or so, try pressing Stop and then Reload (or Refresh if you still use Internet Explorer).

For your handyman/woman you just need a regular belt to stick things in (like a vibrator or a makeshift crop).

You can step things up a notch if you do it right after a workout and cash in on the free endorphins.

2017, July 14 Role play chat might seem confusing at first. The key thing to remember is that both role players know they are in character, and the scenarios you chat about only exist in each other’s minds. Pretty much every sort of role play style you can think of can be found in our roleplay chat rooms.

When you have no idea what you’re doing, how do you know who you should try to be? Here are nine easy and fun role play ideas for all you beginners curious about exploring different fetishes. There is something so sexy about screwing the tasty man or woman who’s come to clean your pipes (hehe).

And since your apartment or house is already the perfect backdrop, you don’t need much to pull it off.

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