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Do yourselves a favor and get soft handcuffs, the kinds that are lined with fur, so you don’t injure your wrists while you’re having wild sex.One of the sexiest places to have sex is in the shower.I’m sure you’ve all heard the hype about the new 50 Shaded of Grey movie, so you already know that it opens up the doors to talk about bondage to your lover.

Edible massage oils are definitely a kinky must in anybody’s bedroom.Plus, it’s often easier to be kinky with someone by text because you don’t have to worry about seeing their reaction.Once the texts get hot and heavy, you’ll find that they’re an amazing turn on for both of you!Some of them seem kind of cheesy (okay, most of them seem kind of cheesy), but they’re all very good at getting you naked and stimulated! Send him sexy texts while he’s at work, and get him hot and bothered and ready for you as soon as he walks in the door.Sexting is popular and fun and you’re only limited by your own imagination!

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Handcuffs prevent your lover from guiding you and leave you in full control!

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