North carolina laws regarding teen dating dating with boys

If both parties are minors, and the age difference between them is less than four years, the state's "Romeo and Juliet" exemption applies, and the older minor will not be prosecuted.

Specifically, communities with CCR teams work on improving best practices in 1) their school response to incidents of domestic violence and teen dating violence through the development of a protocol and 2) their prevention efforts in schools. As noted above, the official age of consent for sexual activities in our state is 16.This is lower than the federal age of majority (for purposes of voting laws and other adult privileges), which is 18. The age of consent across the country generally ranges from 15 to 17.Even if a defendant is also a minor, they can be charged with statutory rape, depending on how many years older they are than the alleged victim.Crimes related to the age of consent can sometimes seem confusing, especially if the alleged victim consented to the activity or was even a longtime boyfriend or girlfriend of the defendant.

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