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Go to the DVLA website for more information uk/vehicle-registration/new-registrations If the manufacturer still exists you must apply to the manufacturer for a dating letter first, if they can’t help then apply to an owners club.If your vehicle has been manufactured outside the UK or originally despatched outside the UK, you need to apply to HMRC for a Notification of vehicle arrival letter.We also have parts for the featherbed framed Norton singles and twins that eventually replaced the brazed frames, and the Norton Commando that was the last Norton model.If you are unable to find the part you require please contact us through the Contact Us page.As well as having a radical new frame, the Commando's engine (which was mounted vertically in earlier models) was tilted forward.This was relatively easy as the engine was "pre-unit", that is, the gearbox was not integral with the crankcase, and the change gave three benefits: (i) the centre of gravity was moved further forward; (ii) this allowed more space behind the carburettors for the airbox; and (iii) it gave an attractive raked appearance to the motorcycle.The revolutionary part of the Commando, compared to earlier Norton models, was the award-winning frame developed by former Rolls-Royce engineer Dr. He believed the classic Norton Featherbed frame design went against all engineering principles, so Bauer designed his frame around a single 2.25 in (57 mm) top tube.Bauer tried to free the Commando from classic twin vibration problems, which had severely increased as the volume of the basic engine design expanded from the 500 cc of Edward Turner's 1938 Triumph Speed Twin.

The twin-cylinder design evolved into 600 cc, then the 650 cc Manxman and Dominator until superseded by 750 cc Atlas before being launched as the 750 cc Commando in 1967.Reclaim an original registration number, you must supply pre 1983 documentary evidence linking the frame and engine number (please see page 2 of the V765 form explaining what evidence the DVLA will accept). The motorcycle must consist of the original unaltered frame, engine, gearbox, wheels/hubs and forks. Please see the A2 form for more information VMCC A2 Form 8/20193.If you have built a motorcycle using parts from more than one motorcycle, the vehicle should be registered as a reconstructed classic, all parts must be 25 years and older, all of the same specification, the vehicle must be a true reflection of the make.offer a wide range of parts for classic motorcycles, older than 30 years.Our range focuses on a variety of British bikes such as AJS, Ariel, BSA, Matchless, Norton, Triumph, Velocette, specialising in early Nortons. Our Norton product range covers single and twin cylinder, push rod engine machines from the beginning up to the late 1960s, with brazed frames.

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