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When the Internet came along, these functions were recreated in form of the Unix commands talk and finger.

The functionality was essentially still the same, only as the Internet developed users stopped using the same IP addresses each time they were online. Many people then took it to e-mail, others moved to the Internet Relay Chat.

This would throw ICQ and jabber out and leave IRC, gale and PSYC as the only true chatsystems which do not just do instant messaging. Perhaps these should be excluded from the focus of this article, which is mostly a discussion of the "text" instant messaging function.

Still it is popular thinking that IM technology is one-to-one but as I pointed out in that document, you just can't make a one-to-one technology that works without solving many-to-many problems like presence information.

Here's a proposal for a new paragraph opening up for History ...

In the 1980s the BITNET had an instant messaging function called MSG. The NAMES facility would allow to assign nicknames to people and also a function to poll the presence of a person was available.

So one could argue talk(1) is more a peer to peer conversation application than an instant messanger. Is it a multicast chat system just because it delivers a message to all users in a unix LAN? --lyn XVentura says: "While "talk" was limited to a single machine, there were variants like "ntalk" and "ytalk" that were not limited in that way.

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Bufflo , 7 January 2007 (UTC) Recently, many instant messaging services have begun to offer video conferencing features, Voice Over IP (Vo IP), and web Whenever one of my "AIM kiddie" cousins use my laptop in my car (I got EVDO) and wanna chit-chat with their friends, I have them quickly log-into their account from the web - I think it's the most known site for multi-client web-based chatting.

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