Office 2016 offline address book not updating

To stop Outlook from automatically changing the layout of the phone numbers you will need to change your phone area code to be more than 5 digits.

Please keep in mind that this might break other features, like VOIP dialing or connecting to the Internet through a dial up connection.

Kindly suggest me any solution how to solve this Outlook OAB not updating issue?

” Today I just notice that my newly added contacts are not displayed up, even contacts images are not properly displayed, I believe my Outlook OAB not updating properly please suggest me, any solution to fix it? A user can follow the below steps to Update Offline Address Book files in Exchange Server.

In Outlook 2007 when you create a contact and add a phone number it will automatically format the number in for format of its choosing.

Unfortunately the formatting looks horrid and there is no way to change it or disable the feature.

From what I can gather it does the formatting to ensure the country and state area code is included in the phone number, this information would be helpful if you use an integrated VOIP solution.

To update Outlook OAB files via Exchange Management Console, follow such steps those are mentioned below: First of all, Go to Organization Configuration, select Mailbox and click on Offline address Book tab and then, right-click on the selected OAB files (Offline address List) for which a user need to update and click on Update option.

Instead of changing the default schedule, users able to force an update and redistribution of Offline Address Book (OAB) on Exchange to solve scenarios related to Outlook OAB not updating quickly.

This is an amazing solution for testing or even when it is necessary that changes are done immediately.

It contains all the email address and contact information of an individual profile for Outlook.

Sometimes, users have faced an issue like “Outlook Offline Address Book not updating” because of resources available on the host server and service failed.

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To fix Exchange Outlook OAB not updating issue, So that user able to opt a manual method.

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