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Build your network of organisation you can turn to for sponsorship and find contacts you can call upon for favours.That’s what’s going to matter if you want to have a fulfilling University “career”.The interview is at best a “get-to-know you” session and at worse a source of entertainment for the panel. What a lot of people fail to realise is that you need to be relatable.One thing’s for certain — they want to know about you. Do your due diligence about the club/society/committee before you interview for them.As for how the CCA is people-wise, I guess there’s no real stereotype as we’re all from different schools and backgrounds.After 15 years of dance, I thought I had already dealt with every possible personality, yet a surprise awaited at every corner.There’s no rule that refrains you from being whoever you want in that interview room.If necessary, be the version of yourself that’s most likely what they’re looking for…based on your extensive long distance swimmer.

The ability to plan smart could be the difference between getting straight B s and getting a bunch of As.Making the switch from being a soloist who is put in the corps de ballet once every couple of years, to someone who is in the corps de ballet 100% of the time was bad.It didn’t help that for the entirety of Sem 1, I was preparing for a ballet exam which meant that I was dancing twice a day on training days.When I first started, I struggled to leave my pride at the door but I soon realised that not every battle was winnable and I’d only be causing myself unnecessary stress in trying to do so.However, don’t let yourself fall into the habit of ignoring things you don’t accord with too much importance just because all you hear are complains about inconsequential things.

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