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Cersei gobbled her fondant up but Khaleesi was slow about consuming hers.

By the end of February I was beginning to see activity from Cersei but very little from Khaleesi.

So I’ve been cooking up some delicious at-home healthy meals & snacks lately, and I figured I’d share ’em with you!

Clockwise from top left: jambalaya with sausage & chicken, roasted brussels sprouts, and salad; my beef stew with dried plums over rice; homemade Chipotle night; plain popcorn seasoned with Flavorgod pizza seasoning Brown sugar & soy marinated salmon, snap peas sautèed in coconut oil, and coconut rice. The ratios probably aren’t exact, but put all these ingredients together and you’re bound to come up with something delicious!

Place salmon filets in the marinade and let sit for at least 15 minutes. Today our third bee hive arrived after almost 15 months of caring for two hives that came to live with us last year.My mentor Patrick Adams of Blue Moon Bee's has been an incredible teacher and although I have learned a lot the last year, I still feel stupid in his presence!My two original hives of Italian bee's struggled through a dry and cold winter and 'bee mom' me struggled right along with them.The two hives were named Cersei and Khaleesi when they came to live with us (yes friends, we are long time Game of Thrones fans) and although they seemed to flourish here in Carmel Valley, the winter was tough.

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And the what-you-eat part is, at this point, inarguably the more important part when it comes to actively trying to slim down.

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