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Below are indoor, kid-friendly experiences that will keep your little ones warm and entertained. Be sure to see our Museums and Attractions section in our post Things To Do with Kids in NYC.New York City is one of the most romantic places in the world and there are myriad of things to do on a date in this amazing city.Museums can be subtly sexy, with their tasteful nudes and needlessly sensual depictions of fruit.There’s nothing subtle about the Museum of Sex, where current exhibitions include a couples’ virtual reality experience focused on a pole dance in space, and a bouncy castle fashioned after breasts.From breath-taking scenic views to incredible restaurants and iconic tourist spots, the possibilities for a romantic experience in NYC are limitless.To help you sort through those possibilities, here are 10 of the most romantic things to do in New York City: Classic Harbor Tours For lovers of romance, great views and the skyline of New York City, a romantic ride aboard the classic style yacht Manhattan (inspired by the famous commuter yachts in NYC of the Roaring Twenties) should be a great night out in New York.Dating is expensive, but free concerts all over the city help even the cheapest of the skates court with relative ease.

Too cold and eating outside is uncomfortable; too hot and it’s downright punishment. you could introduce your new flame to your rando old high school friends, rando influencer followers, and rando whoever’s still on Snapchat with a colorful splash.

The painted ponies will bring some whimsy to your social media posts. The 250-acre National Historic Landmark is open for business year-round, and the place is especially vibrant during the spring. But the resort vibes at the Royal Palms are the real deal.

Check out the seasonal walk, or just wander the grounds unbound. Make this your dating destination for when you want outside feels sans sunburn.

Joke all you want about how the seasons seem to blend together in New York City -- we’re still lucky enough to have them, and each one is romantic in its own way.

And springtime is universally acknowledged as the most flirtastic time of the year.

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Sure, you’ll pay a little more for a cocktail than you would on land, but the Instagram posts will surely make your ex jealous. Wolves circling, baring their glistening fangs as you huddle with your honey on the roof of your car. Instead, Go faux-glamping at Camp, a hunting lodge-themed bar in Brooklyn.

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