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This is all partly Amira's fault, though, because she winds up Zainab suggesting that Christian has a thing for Syed - completely unaware that he actually does and it's reciprocated!

It's like waving a rag to a bull with Zainab, so she goes to confront Christian about his fascination with Syed and he explodes and reveals that her 'perfect' son have been carrying on for some time and insists that it's not a one-way street..." Where's Syed at this point?

He has made no public statement regarding his own, real life, sexual Preference.

Saying it makes him vulnerable and gives Christian a lot of power over him." What happens on the wedding day? Amira's stolen money from her father Qadim who's turned up having been released from prison, Qadim refuses to give the wedding his blessing, then there's also more confusion over Masood's brother Inzamam.Whether the actor has a girlfriend or not in real life is unknown.Marc Elliot is a character named Syed Masood, On Eastenders. According to Chinese Zodiac, Marc was born in the Year of the Goat while his girlfriend in the Year of the Monkey. The least compatible signs with Libra are generally considered to be Cancer and Capricorn.

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At the cafe, things don't go according to plan because Christian reminds Syed that he's making a big mistake but Syed's firm - he's made his decision and he's getting married to Amira." What do they do next?

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