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I am a “call it like I see it” kind of girl and I speak fluent sarcasm.I’m also not really big into charming guys or girls.

I love my job as a veterinarian because I get to save lives and pet puppies. Play your cards right and maybe I’ll buy you a drink at my favorite local bar. It’s OK to be a little funny, a little weird and a little outrageous. Just a funny woman who’s confident in her ability to entertain herself and enjoy herself. I am an aspiring chef, a would-be skateboarder and an attempted blogger.At the same time, you notice the profile wasn’t overly pretentious.She admitted she has many hobbies and things she tries. She just happens to like helping other people and stepping up to worthwhile challenges.Here are four examples of good profiles that men CANNOT resist because they communicate something positive about you.Pay attention to how these profiles (volunteered, of course) evoke an emotional response.

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You also get bonus points if you are into camping, have an awesome dog, or have some serious survival skills.

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