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Or, how to see Lotus 12-3 Release 3 from a whole new perspective. The spread- sheet spedfical- Wrs I Coa^l S■lr^ I il IW?! Fast start, strong finish You can adorn your documents with one or all of the 35 Adobe typefaces.( ( Prin^ ] [ Ciftotl ) tivity for serious spreadsheet users. - 0 n In the meantime, B we have a question: If Release 3 is in fact character-based, and the entire per- sonal computing industry continues moving toward graphics-hd&e6. easiest, most enjoyable way to crunch your numbers. Thanks to Post Script, there’s an infinite number of font variations available. I've spent all day trying to figure out how to code an edit button to update a record in a table.I have made progress, but now I am getting some kind of "locking violation".

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