Questions to ask at a speed dating event

What do you hope to gain from this weekend/seminar/meeting?

Commentary: When I’m meeting people, I’m thinking what can I offer this person; who can I introduce this person to; what one piece if information or idea can I share with this person; what favor can I do for them; how can I help this person.

The problem here is when you ask this question first up the implication is that you’re only interested in what they do for business and what they can do for you―not who they are as a person. Commentary: A person’s answer to this question gives you a strong clue as to how you can develop a relationship with them. Commentary: The response tells you what is taking up room in the person’s diary and where they might be frustrated or challenged—this information comes in useful for follow up and might even uncover an opportunity for your services.

Click here to get your FREE copy of the 15 Questions e Book! Let them talk about positive things that they’re feeling good about. People like sharing good news and their successes so let them tell you about these things. It also gives the person a chance to talk about the “great” things they are doing and, of course, once you know this, you can ask more questions.

Whether it is staffing needs, training needs, motivation needs, or problems with bad debts, falling revenues, spiraling costs, this question can uncover so many issues that this person faces which you can park in your mind for the future.

Whilst it’s not about diving in and saying “” it is about having that information at a later date that will help determine whether you need to get to know this person further.

They’re a means of engaging and connecting with people in a more meaningful way. They’re a means of making you look very smart and very different from the competition. Listed in no particular order, here are some of my favorite questions that I personally use when I’m meeting people at networking event.Let’s find some time to meet up and see how I might be able to help you.” Or “Shall we aim to set up a meeting—how’s your diary looking next week?” And when the person says, “Yeah that sounds great” you might say, “Are you carrying a business card?The person I’m talking to may not need my services but someone or several some-ones in their network may. Commentary: There are a lot of people who don’t like being asked “What do you do? ” you give the person the choice of telling you about their work or not. It also a way for you to get to tell your story too because they will most likely ask you the very same questions.Whichever way they answer this question, you have an invitation to ask for more details. Once you have developed a level of rapport and built up a general understanding of the other person’s business progress to more business-related questions.

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