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China’s e-commerce boom over the past decade is gradually turning the Middle Kingdom into a country filled with people who identified themselves as “hand-choppers.” The term may sound like it derives from Ridley Scott’s latest thriller.

As a result, by the year 1582 — thanks to the overcompensation of observing too many leap years — the calendar had fallen out of step with the solar year by a total of 10 days.The exceptions were those century years divisible by 400.And that's why the year 2000 was a leap year, but 1700, 18 were not.And Greece held out even longer — all the way to 1923!The Gregorian calendar has proven to be far superior to the Julian calendar.

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  1. Additionally, he has an older sister named Sabrina Matarazzo and a younger brother named Carmen Matarazzo. Furthermore, he belongs to the mixed ethnic background of Italian, English, Finnish, and Scottish.