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If your friend completely forgets who you are when they are in a relationship, but comes crawling back each time they're single again, that's a problem.In that case, your friend is displaying a pattern of bad friend behavior, and showing that the friendship really isn't a priority in their life.It's natural for your friend to get excited about a new love interest, and therefore devote most of their free time to them in the beginning.However, like anything in life, balance is the key.In the long run, they are ones that will lack the balance and support that friendship can give.Even with that, it hurts when a friend turns their back on you.Let them have the "new and in love" time away at the beginning, but if you see that your friend is drifting away from you again, talk about your feelings.

Your friend will probably spend more time than usual with their new love, but they should still be able to maintain a healthy friend/life balance.I mean not really, but how fun would that have been?Funny story, I actually met this guy and his friend five years ago half-naked in a hotel hot tub.But if not, they probably weren't that great of a friend to begin with.Sometimes we give people the benefit of the doubt and immediately think of them as our friend when they perhaps don't feel the same way.

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So if your friend is consistently dumping you (meaning that they no longer return calls, can't be bothered to reply to text or email, or even standing you up) when they meet someone new, this is a problem.

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