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Archeology is a new science, and the record is far from complete. The Times writer makes other mistakes, such as reading the Biblical text without the accompanying Talmudic explanation.For example, in trying to demonstrate Biblical inconsistency, the Times writes: "One passage in Exodus says that the bodies of the pharaoh's charioteers were found on the shore, while the next verse says they sank to the bottom of the sea." The preeminent Biblical commentator, Rashi, explains that after the Egyptians drowned, the sea threw them onto the shore, so that the Jewish people could be relieved at the knowledge that their enemies would no longer be in pursuit.

This idea has significant ramifications for archeology and the Exodus.As a science, we must understand what archaeology is and what it isn't.Archaeology consists of two components: the excavation of ancient artifacts, and the interpretation of those artifacts.The last thing the ancient Egyptians wanted to record is the embarrassment of being completely destroyed by the God of a puny slave nation.Would the Egyptians ever want to preserve details of the destruction of fields, flocks, and first borns -- plus the death of Pharaoh and the entire Egyptian army at the Red Sea?

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