Radiocarbon dating test

A statistical analysis of the Nature article and the raw data strongly suggests that homogeneity is lacking in the data and that the procedure should be reconsidered. We also computed the Ward and Wilson test for the raw radiocarbon dates of Arizona, and in both cases (raw 1 and raw 2), the null hypothesis was rejected.Using Ox Cal for Arizona Raw 2, the overall agreement index (34.6%) is below the threshold (with 12.8% for A3 and 43.0% for A6), whereas for Arizona Raw 1 the overall agreement index is lower (21.4%).His long list of secular publications cited radiocarbon in coal, oil, and marble.It inspired the ICR RATE project to look for radiocarbon in deeply buried coal and in supposedly ancient diamonds.

In our 2015 report of new fossil samples with radiocarbon, coauthor Vance Nelson and I summarized a few dozen already published wood, shell, and bone fossils that bore evolutionary ages far in excess of their radiocarbon authors carefully excavated a bone from a ceratopsian called Centrosaurus apertus found in the Dinosaur Park Formation of Alberta, Canada. They merely used acid to eliminate carbonates, whereas standard acid-base-acid washes eliminate both carbonates and humic acids.Each carbon-12 atom takes up two neutrons and is converted into a radioactive carbon-14 atom.Radioactive carbon-14 atoms rapidly mix and become uniform throughout the atmosphere.This same ratio is valid in all the reservoirs of carbon in this giant cycle.In the biosphere, both carbon-14 and carbon-12 atoms are added to the food chain via assimilation; first by plants through photosynthesis and then by animals through consumption of the plants.

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