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has been one of the few music industry artists with the heart to speak out that Whitney Houston shouldn’t have been alone in Los Angeles to be literally setup for murder.“I stand on, whoever flew her [Clive Davis] out to perform at that party, should have provided someone to be there,” Khan, 58, said on .She possessed a world-class sense and presence of unparalleled charm, beauty, strength, and superior intelligence.Her image alone had spoken a thousand words in an universal language. Flo-Jo didn’t fit the ILLUMINATI’S picture of racial “World View.” That’s psychological warfare!Police in Nashville, Tennessee, said his car was hit by 11 shots, and though 10 caused no harm, one caused a minor shoulder wound to his girlfriend, Kenyetta Rainey.[7] It had to be warning shots.These people aren’t trained to miss their targets, and they don’t play games. In that infamous recorded telephone conversation between Ray J-Little Lucifer, Raz B, and Young Buck involving Holly Weird MK ULTRA styled Boy Sex Toys and U. Entertainment Industry Producer Chris Stokes, Ray J told Raz B that the Chris Stokes’ thing had to be quashed before it leads to other things, opens Pandora’s Box. I was hesitant to open Little Lucifer’s “Pandora’s Box” because it was extremely distressing and I didn’t like what I saw.

To keep the dangerous people away.”[1] In the days preceding her death in LA, Whitney Houston certainly wasn’t treated like she was one of the most elite, awarded, and best selling female artist of all time in the world.[2] She had no security around her until the day she also just dropped dead at the age of 48, even then her security said her body was already cold.Could Young Buck have been positioning himself for a big payoff from some of the players that he knew had been directly involved in the Assassination of Whitney Houston at the Beverly Hilton?On March 4, 2012, Sunday morning, Young Buck survived a drive-by shooting.That’s extremely powerful subliminal imaging to the masses of poor and oppressed.Black Diva of International Track and Field, Florence Griffith-Joyner (born Florence Delorez Griffith), also known as Flo-Jo out of Jordan Downs Housing Project in LA is still considered the “fastest woman of all time” based on the fact that she still holds the world record for both the 100 meters and 200 meters, both set in 1988 and never seriously challenged.

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