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This is a compiled list of innovative software project ideas waiting to be implemented.Browse through these new topics for software projects prepared and constantly updated by our team to provide new ideas to software engineering students.These are being organised with the aim of: The policy research analyses the opportunities, limitations, challenges, and management of big data in diplomatic institutions and international organisations.The main aims of the research project are: This report aims to increase the awareness of the opportunities, limitations, and challenges of the big data trend, and to understand how ministries of foreign affairs (MFAs) could adapt their work, procedures, and organisational structures to the big data era.Hospitals also face challenges associated with collecting accurate data and using these data for quality improvement and reduction of disparities.Next is a discussion of steps that can be taken to address these issues and improve data collection processes.In this report, we provide a broad overview of the main opportunities of big data in different diplomatic fields and functions, and highlight the key issues that need to be addressed for big data diplomacy to flourish.This framework of possibilities and constraints opens up a diversity of applications and implications that can be explored in further detail, and is meant to inform MFAs that are exploring big data to adapt diplomatic practice to the data driven era where possible and feasible.

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Big data can contribute to a number of diplomatic fields and functions, albeit in different ways.

To generalise, we have identified six ways in which big data could benefit diplomacy and the corresponding fields and functions for which they are most relevant.

Through advancing an understanding of what big data can do for diplomacy, how it can be put to use by MFAs, and which aspects need to be kept in mind when using big data, this report aims to ultimately serve as a toolkit for data diplomacy.

Specifically, the report looks at the key concepts of data diplomacy (chapter one), the use of big data in international affairs (chapter two), organisational considerations for the MFA (chapter three), and key aspects concerning the use of big data (chapter four).

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